A Brief On Our Products

Installation in Hotels, Resorts, Farm Houses, Serviced Apartments, Company Cottages,
Private Rest Rooms, Charitable Institutions with Guest Rooms & College Lodging’s.

Energy Saver Products Are Made To Order Designed As Per Your Needs

Our products are operational with one Key Tag Concept, which saves lot of electric energy = Electricity Power bills. It takes the load of guest room (20 to 40 Amps. max. per room) and functions only on our electro magnet key tag rather than on switch which are not reliable to save energy. It also operates on Single Phase electrical circuit up to 5Line Electrical Phase like (3A/C, 1Geyser, Ligth on one key tag holder box/ Pocket).

Our Key Tag System are built with magnet circuit breakers and are user friendly and compact enough to take minimum space in every room. Our systems can provide more circuits as per requirements.

Details on our energy saver products

1) Individual A/C Room with 3 line electrical circuit unit (A/c. Geyser & lights) along with 10 mm Acrylic Electro Magnet Key Tag System for each guest room.

2) Centrally A/C Room – complete control unit system with Electro Magnet Key Tag System along with 4 mm Executive Brass Key Tag (lights ‘off’ after 30 sec. to 3 Min. when customer checks out from room)

3) Non A/C Room with 2 line circuit unit (Geyser & light) along with 10 mm Acrylic Electro Magnet Key Tag System.

4) Energy Saver Bathroom Timer System – Bathroom Lights – Push ON/OFF (Time adj. 30 min.- 1 hour)

5) Delay Timer Card -Lights ” OFF” after 30 sec. to 3 mins. Once customer checks out of room & remove the key tag from the key box holder the lights will “OFF” as per the time adjustment.

6) AC Timer Card – AC “ON” after 30 sec. to 3 Mins. Once customer checks in the room & inserts the key tag in the key box holder the AC will “ON” as per the time adjustment.

7) New Launch for Bathroom Geysers  Timer System: To avoid accidents – bursting – short circuit of Geysers with use of Bathroom Timer card system working on Push ON / OFF with adjustable Timer (10 – 30min. Power cut)

Wastage of power by housekeepers while cleaning the rooms can be controlled with use of Electro Magnet key tag system..

Our Energy Saver Product can be installed with Your Existing Door Lock Card System


Upgrade Door Card system Like Godrej / China/ Any other Brand Door Card system with Energy Saver System that controls 20 to 40AMP Single Phase electrical circuit up to 5Line electrical Phase like (SingleA/C, Double A/C, 3AC, Suite Rooms Geyserlighton1Card Holder)

We have also developed with a very compact Energy Saver Electro Magnet Key Tag System that can be fixed with your existing installed any Market system / Anchor / Roma /L&T/ M.K. / Lee Grand key tag system without any extra civil work.


Market Normal Switch key tag system are neither guaranteed nor durable for longer time & works only on single line circuit (Only for Light). There is no safety for A/C or Geyser in Market Normal Switch key tag system as it work only in single line circuit that is for only light…

Pl. Note

• Our products can be installed to running hotels.

• Concealed wiring for Key Box holder. Circuit box in false ceiling or distribution box   floor wise or independent room.

• Key Box Holders are available in variable sizes.

• Electro Magnet Key Tags are available in S.S, Brass, Aluminum, American    Acrylic with different colour shades (White, Red, Navy Blue & Black) & Wooden  Steam Beach.

The most important it save electricity and cost recovers within a period of 6 – 8 month


Terms & Conditions:-  

1) During Visit for Energy Saver Key Tag System Purpose Lodging and Boarding Should be Free
2) Our free demo in your hotel rooms means we will install our product to any of your Guest Rooms.Installation and Fitting Charges Extra as per condition applied
3) One year Guarantee with free service along with replacement of only faulty components.
4) Delivery within 15 – 20 days from the date of confirm order.
5) Payment  75% advance with date of confirmation order. Rest after installation.
6) Our system doesn’t include any type of wooden / metal box for concealed and sealing work, small civil work as well as electrical wires, including DP switch box.
7) Travelling Charges To and Fro will cost extra for outside Mumbai.
8) Courier Charges will cost extra or in “TO – PAY” mode for outside Mumbai.